42-inch (42-inch) Edge ™ mower deck for john deere

john deere x300 series

Edge Cutting Platform 107-cm (42-inch)


The 107-cm (42-inch) Xtra Edge platform provides the excellent performance of a 42-inch large two-axis cutting deck:

  • Rugged four-point mounting system
  • Wide anti-sway wheels
  • Cutting height increases of 6.4 mm (0.25 in.)
  • Integrated platform leveling system
  • Replaces the C designation and is used in Select ™ series tractors
  • The resistance of the platform increases due to its superior discharge design. A section of material below the discharge mouth joins the two parts of the platform.


When using a rear dustpan, the material rises to the top of the material platform and is collected efficiently and without risk of jamming. For this reason, the Power Flow ™ system is not offered on the 107-cm (42-inch) platform.

Grinding accessory

The shredding attachment for the 107-inch (42-inch) cutting deck provides excellent performance:

Effectively controls the grass debris of the two blades
Improved grinding
More homogeneous distribution of crushed waste
No rust, thanks to molded plastic parts
Can be installed and removed without tools
Includes special blades for crushing
It can also be used for side discharge, although the cut quality may be slightly affected


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