About John DEERE R54KRB

question :


I have the opportunity to buy used lawn mower John DEERE R54KRB 500 oo 600 €, the negotiation is underway.
Here is the picture of the beast, it is nickel:

Advert details:
It is from 2012, is announced at 180 hours of operation and fully revised.

I go for it or not?
What do you think of this type of mower, the rear roller is gadget or not? Is it painful to pass compared to a traditional mower?
Advantages / disadvantages compared to a traditional mower?

FYI I have a total of 750m2 to mow +/-


I have a few years ago an RKB John Deere works very well, mowing height with a controller but the heavy mower trouble with the roller back so in the fall you can not use the mower if you tear your lawn, moreover if you have formations of trunnions the roll crushes them by killing the turf. If you want to mow on a wet grass or after a rain, the rear roller skids and the machine quickly becomes uncontrollable. If you want to mow a little shorter the grass you will have the formation of circle due to the blade (so not pretty)
Good material but if you seek a mowing quality with the roller I advise you to invest in a helical because the RKB will never replace the helical.
To know that mine I try to sell because of all the concerns listed above.

Otherwise tariff level is a case because the new mine I paid 1300 € TTC.

answer 2
New, the 2016 model is displayed at 1635 €.
What I like, its rear roller, the ability to mow faster than my Green Leisure today, have a clipper at the top for a press, a top engine, the clutch blade, 54cm width chopped off.
It’s 55 kg, so 8 more than my current mower.
A little trunnion like everyone else has in the fall, indeed.
For the helical mowers, I have unfortunately not (yet?) A lawn of quality worthy of being shorn with this kind of machine. Moreover, a good helicoidal even on occasion cost much more than 550 €.