Exmark Lawn Mowers

Exmark Manufacturing was founded in 1982 and started operation in a garage in Nebraska with only seven employees. It has been manufacturing commercial lawn mowers for professional landscapers ever since. They first started production with medium-sized walk-behind lawn mowers and evolved into a production lineup which includes zero-turn riding mowers that are now industry standard.

Exmark’s walk-behind mowers have been designed with comfort and productivity in mind. They feature an Enhanced Control System that allows the normal positioning of the hand, arms, and back which makes using the equipment less strenuous. Exmark’s walk-behind mowers are available in gear-drive or hydrostatic models.

Exmark’s Lazer-Z lineups of zero-turn riding mowers are very popular and have many satisfied customers. Their Lazer-Z CT is their latest generation of Lazer-Z zero-turn riding mowers. It is equipped with a Vanguard engines that offers a power output of 21 or 24 horsepower and a 60-inch cutting width that allows it to cover more ground with every pass. It also features hydro-gear pumps, wheel motors, and a full-floating heavy-duty deck design that has a 4-point suspension. Its compact design makes it the ideal lawn mower for professional landscapers who spend a lot of their time mowing large properties.

Their full-size Lazer-Z Advantage series has a full-floating 5-1/2 inch deep deck design and has a high-back, Eslastomeric Vibration Control seat for additional comfort. Their high-performance Lazer-Z XS is super heavy duty and is made for commercial use. It has Hydro-Gear variable displacement pumps, Parker/Ross high torque wheel motors, and a heavy-duty frame design allowing it to move at speeds of up to 12 MPH.

Exmark also manufactures a huge variety of professional mower accessories which includes almost everything from mulching and collection systems to kits, sunshades, and cup holders. Exmark to this day, manufactures high-quality walk-behind lawn mowers and zero-turn riding mowers.