how john deere products ?

Solutions for emissions

Beginning in 2011, the United States Environmental Protection Agency will require new engines for equipment prohibited on the road in order to meet binding Intermediate 4 (IT4) emissions regulations. These regimes, known as IIIB in Europe, affect diesel engines from 174 to 750 HP and require a 90% reduction in particulate matter and a 50% reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions of Layer 3 levels.

John Deere is suitable for this. Along with reducing emissions, we are ready to take this into account with new technologies available that take cost, efficiency, and ease of use into account. To reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, we will add an exhaust filter that uses the proven Layer 3 PowerTech ™ Plus engine with cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and reduces particulate matter. This approach provides an IT4 / Euro IIIB solution that has proved to be the least hassle while offering a fuel-saving engine platform at the same time. This is John Deere’s mastery.


Draw a green path with hybrid lawn mowers

One of the things golfers worry about is that their beautifully cut grass is damaged by hydraulic oil before an important tournament. Most of the hydraulic leaks in roller lawn mowers used on golf courses are caused by the flexible hoses that feed the hydraulic oil reel drive. During the day, these hoses become very flexible as the cutting units are raised and lowered and routed on the floor surface.

John Deere has an answer for that. 8000 E-Cut ™ Hybrid Golf Course Lawn Mower. This machine removes hydraulic leaks from the cutting unit drive, removing leaks from the center. Power is supplied to the cutting units with a 48-volt, 180-pulse alternator. And no additional battery is needed, the design also reduces the motor speed required for mowing; which saves a considerable amount of fuel and reduces noise for both the operator and the surroundings.


Fuel Efficiency

John Deere has a long history of offering fuel-saving products. Existing examples:

John Deere 8320R Tractor, Nebraska Test Productivity Record broke. The Nebraska Tractor Test proved that the 8320R Tractor delivers up to 26% more fuel efficient than other competing tractors of similar dimensions with 75% of the highest power.

The D-Class Knuckleboom Loaders offer higher efficiency and fuel economy. Productivity enhancements include the fuel-saving John Deere 6068 Layer 2 PowerTech ™ engine with high-pressure common rail electronic fuel injection system.


Recycling and Reproduction

We use recycled or renewable materials in some of our products, such as in corn and soy-based plastics used in combine harvesters and some tractor components. We also offer remanufactured products to our worldwide customers. Reproduction has been a part of our business, which is more than ten years old.

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