John Deere Genuine M87919 glow plugs

Technical description
Package size 11 x 5 x 3 cm
reference M87919

Genuine John Deere warranty for spare parts for better durability and performance
Check the description and illustrated diagrams to ensure the party is a replacement holder
Exact fit genuine parts are designed specifically for John Deere products
Original part fitting helps maintain manufacturer’s warranty requirements
Direct replacement for the Party of origin

Diesel engines are self-igniting engines.
The injected fuel ignites without the need for a spark. Diesel engines use heat generated by compression of air in the combustion chamber, to start the ignition of the diesel fuel sprayed by the injector.

During cold periods, diesel engines sometimes have trouble starting.

The heat produced is not enough to start the engine
The necessary heat is often lacking in the combustion chambers
Heat loss through cold cylinders and suction air makes it difficult to auto-ignite
Without heat input, the air/fuel mixture does not reach the required temperatures
The function of glow plugs
The main function of the glow plugs is to deliver extra energy for starting.

Before starting the engine, the glow plug is energized and the glow plug of the spark plug is heated to a temperature above 800 ° C. This heat considerably improves the engine’s cold start capability. The heat release of the glow plug further optimizes combustion, reducing smoke and other polluting emissions.

Engine mounting
The glow plugs are mounted in the cylinder head. They are in contact with the burning fuel and must, therefore, be able to withstand:

Has a strong thermal amplitude
At high pressure
At the attack of corrosive elements
NGK glow plugs are ideal for filling all these conditions.


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