John Deere L120 48″ deck spindle replacement

so here’s a fun little project to show. you ahead of time what I got done to your l120 you don’t know what year it is let’s definitely get some hours on it

with a 48 inch deck now. it seems to be common with a 40 and a 48 inch deck John Deere uses about the same spindles assembly so it’s not really a big it’s not difficulty finding them just thought.

I’d share some tips and tricks that I learned on the way first I know this was

you can we just replace the bearing whoops and get some decent light but I

don’t have all the necessary tools to probably change the twelve dollar

bearing. I know that’d be better than spending the fifty five bucks on the

whole spindle but at the same time a second problem though would be at least. the new ones have a grease zerk the old ones did not I’m not sure what john deere engineer genius was at work that day but whatever yeah I know there are greaseless bearings but it’s a mower deck it’s spinning very fast for a long time.seriously so again with the experiences.

there’s a couple online vendors including some spots on Amazon that you

can get this for right around the 50 to 60 dollar mark there’s a one that’s

cheaper like 30 bucks I’d be a little careful though getting that assembly

though for 30 bucks some of the comments on the Amazon review is on the other one though is like where’s it made like everything’s mean China even this one came from John Deere it’s me in China.

who cares the one problem that you’re gonna have to face though is if you

ordering online or giving them at John Deere it’s making sure you get the

self-tapping bolts because these are not threaded you do not need to tap and dice that these bolts which I just did you’ll want to do it before you install it back onto the deck just get you know get them started and you could hand crank them all the way down but guess what I got an impact so as long as I know they’re safely started that’s safely using the impact she doesn’t drive it all the way down and I already tested it they read it very well. so obviously while the deck was already off months we’ll spend a few bucks andbut slept some new paints on there wasn’t looking too bad but now it looksalmost like a half laid new jack except where they did some clear coat on top of

it all seem to do that crap which usually I’d be very upset about but you know what this is the boat but here to here that’s about as much as the deck.

you actually see anyways some of the pulley covers back in black the other

one concerned for a tip and trick hopefully this pulley still works but

when this was on here she got twisted so I wasn’t gonna come off easily so once you got the four bolts out I had to do is take a hammer on top of that spindle and up the whole assembly dropped and the pulley stayed on top so

protect a peace officer that fits on. there so it shouldn’t be a problem might

rattle a little bit but I suppose I kind of got a new pony look that worked fine

and then the other thing too was I’ve made this mistake last time cause I see

where was I oh I did take a picture and just in case had to take the Avett replace this before and I got kind of confused and howling back on so I wrote with a sharpie some arrows so when it goes back on I know which way around it goes and then I did that or wear it. it’s full so I positioned a pulley right why I did it this way obviously it’s going around but if I position it that’s where the belt comes on to the point and then the where it goes around the pulley and then I did that with all of them so they can hopefully get it on there right I struggled the last time where I was doing something wrong but that’s the fun of replacing a spindle. I would’ve did all of them but then that would be dropping 150 bucks hard that’s the point of one to make or you could get those on get these on line for most of them 53 54 bucks but local John Deere had them for 54 in change plus attacks but so at least dealer versus online was pretty much the same price but at least I could get it right away versus weight in a couple days but depending on where you live that might be your only option I think of anything else like someone said though to where the other spindles they might last another one to five years. so I guess if I replace it obviously when you already got the deck off but what’s the hardest thing in the world which don’t have that much time then I would say replace them all but they said oh and the other thing too is finally has a grease zerk but they come dry so make sure that when you’re you’re after you’re tapping those in and get it all assembled make sure you’re getting some crease in there. I know it’s not stupid but me included would probably forget about that or if I didn’t lead up on it would not think about that for some reason. make sure you get some grease in there always the dude back to you doing the same thing in a little bit so that is my experience maybe we’ll get some pictures when she’s all back put together and looking nice