john deere l120 air filter

Item weight 159 g
Package size 22.9 x 22.6 x 5.1 cm
Product reference GY20575

your fuel and air filters need to be replaced after an average of 25 hours of use. our machine is already doing something that has lots of particles. when we do not change the air filtration, our john deere will start to seriously lower performance and make more fuel can find the air filter at prices between $ 6 and $ 10.

it can also provide you with a video on how to change the air filter separately.


each model is a different series of filters, so if your model is not l120, you can look at the air filter of other models. If you can not find a comment, we can tell you which model of air filter you should use in your model. if you need other materials such as oil filter, I will direct you to split the oil filter.