John Deere mower deck leveling gauge

This simple to use tool is for accurately measuring and leveling mower decks on riding mowers, lawn and garden tractors, and front deck mowers



Works like a charm, I am finally getting a quality, level cut from my 42″ Craftsman mower! While my deck was level from side to side, the front was pitched down almost a FULL INCH from the rear, resulting in a scalloped cut and serious clumping when mulching. I assumed that my mower was properly set up when it was delivered – boy I was wrong! I was spending 3+ hours using my old 21″ Lawn Boy 2 stroke to cut my lawn because the cut on the rider was so terrible, it was embarrassing.

Now that the deck is at the proper 1/8″ forward pitch, the cut quality is much better (still not on par with the Lawn Boy, but close enough for me), and the clippings are being more evenly distributed and not clumping anymore.

I checked my neighbor’s John Deere, and he was set up incorrectly also. His deck was heeled back 1/2″ and off almost 1/2″ from side to side. His cut quality has drastically improved also.



It works exactly as it should and was cheaper than the one from John Deere. But how could either of those cost $10-13??? There are 3 plastic pieces, the base, the lever and the pivot. It could not have cost more than a few cents to make and a few more cents to ship and a few more cents to handle and a few more cents to ship to my home. So, something that cost no more than $2 tops for everything involved in getting it to me is somehow a $10+ item!! I’m all for making a decent profit, but 500%? OK. I’m off by double. So it’s 2-300% profit. It’s still nuts.


This is the tool I’ve needed for a long time. Absolutely a must tool. Just purchased a riding mower that was returned to the large retail store. Return reason the mower would not cut the grass on a level plane. I used the deck leveling tool to level the deck and guess what cuts great and smooth. This tool saved me big bucks on the purchase. As much as 60% on retail price. I would suggest this to anyone who has a riding mower that doesn’t cut level.
a small video for using


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