John Deere Spindle Replacement Mower 38″ Deck

part number :


conform to the following john deere models.

LT133 150 155 160 166 180

These pieces are very important so that your belts do not wear out too much. after a certain period of time, you should change the straps already.

In the meantime, if you have a problem with your belts, you can look through this page. you can ask for belt options and questions according to the above models.

john deere l133  deck belt

I wrote the models and it’s only suitable for 38 “models, you can get the parts for 45-50 dollars, you can do the replacement yourself if you have a few tools in hand, I add a few customer comments about the part and a video about what you need to do to change. I changed my own john deere’s part by looking at this video.


If you want to buy I add amazon address here.

customer reviews;

The piece fits snugly on the 38 “JD LT150 mowing deck. Seems to be well done, as if it were greased, time would seem but is perfectly suited for a spare part on my JD lawn tractor. Easy to install.
Arrived very quickly. (I paid a small amount for fast shipping) Says for delivery on a Monday but arrived Saturday.
Will definitely look here if I need parts in the future.


I replaced the bearings because I did not need to replace the entire spindle at that time. The worn part of the spindle did not affect the operation of the bearings. I recommend using sealed bearings as they last longer. The original bearings were the open type, large ball bearings. They do not last long because they will tend to have dirt, debris, and water. Glad that this video has helped so many people.

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