John Deere X350R

Garden tractor with 42 “rear discharge cover

18.5-HP (13.8 kW) * two-cylinder V-engine with full-pressure, air-cooled lubrication
The unloading and rear collection platform makes clean cuts
The rear collection bag has a large capacity and is easy to empty
Limited warranty of 4 years / 300 hours, the best in the class


characteristics of X3550R

The steering works through a low effort rack and pinion system

Designed to rotate easily

Closed turning radius

The heavy-duty rack and pinion steering system with quality bearings provides simple and precise control over the entire life of the tractor:

The reduced turning radius of 40.6 cm (16 in.) Offers excellent maneuverability.
Its exceptional agility increases cutting efficiency.

The ease of handling the steering is important to provide the operator with a pleasant cutting experience:

The larger steering wheels, 36 cm (14 in.) In diameter, balance the assembly.
The larger sector gear offers an improved (superior) steering ratio.
A higher ratio reduces the drive effort
The two steering rods balance steering loads and reduce steering errors.
The ball joints on both ends of the steering coupling bar ensure long life.
The long steering rods improve the mechanical advantage of the steering system over the entire range of movements.
The sector gear pivots on an axis instead of on a bushing, ensuring its synchronization and avoiding seizures.
The greased front wheel spindles rotate on heat treated bushings that reduce friction and ensure long life.


Exact Adjust mouths and integrated platform leveling tools facilitate precise platform adjustment

Platform leveling gauge and hexagonal adjustment tool stored under the tractor seat

Access holes Exact Adjust

The cutting platform must be laterally level and correctly adjusted longitudinally to offer the best cutting performance. The removable integrated platform leveling gauge and the hexagonal tool are easy to adjust easily. They are stored safely under the seat of the tractor.

Exact Adjust leveling jacks are included on each side of the operator’s platform, above the adjustment screws for the cutting level. With the tool, they provide a practical access to allow a quick and easy adjustment of the mower, for an optimal cutting quality.

The Exact Adjust feature is standard equipment on all Select ™ X300 and X500 series tractors:

It is not necessary to access the lower part of the mudguard platform to adjust the cutting level.
The platform leveling indicator, the Exact Adjust sockets, and the hexagonal tool operate in combination.
Lateral leveling of the cutting platform
Adjust the correct amount of tilt (in the longitudinal orientation of the platform)
Calibrate the cutting height according to the adjustment of the adjustment knob of the cutting height
Exact Adjust simplifies the leveling of the cutting platform when equipped with a Power Flow ™ fan.
To achieve the highest cutting quality, the platform must be leveled when working with and without an auxiliary fan. The Exact Adjust feature facilitates adjustment.

Platform leveling tool located on the platform

Use of the hexagonal ball tool included leveling the cutting platform

Refer to the correct adjustment procedures for each tractor model in the operator’s manual. Between the basic steps of adjustment to properly level the cutting platform are the following:

Park on a level surface.
Inflate the tires to the correct pressure.
Refer to the label of the cutting height knob located on the machine console. This label shows the leveling position of the platform and the location of the leveling adjustment points.
Adjust the cutting height control to the correct leveling position of the platform.
For X300 models, use position 2.75.
For all other models, use position 2.5.
Adjust mower wheels as necessary so they do not touch the ground.
Remove the integrated platform leveling gauge located under the seat.
Use the Exact Adjust intakes and the tool to adjust the lateral leveling of the cutting platform, so that the leveling indicator on the platform can barely slide below the left and right edges of the platform at the designated adjustment points. The location of the adjustment points will vary slightly from one platform to another.
The left and right rear adjustment points are located below the edge of the platform, near the rear wheels if equipped.
Adjust the longitudinal leveling of the cutting platform as necessary.
Loosen the rear nuts on both sides of the front lift rod equally.
Turn the front nuts on both sides equally clockwise to raise the front of the mower or counterclockwise to lower it, until the indicator can barely slide below the front set point.
The front set point varies according to the cutting platform; a number (3) and an arrow are stamped on the hanger bracket on the front platform on the 54X mower.
Tighten the rear nuts once the adjustment is complete.
Put the calibrator back in its place.

NOTE: The adjustment tool supplied with the tractor is an 8 mm hexagonal ball wrench, with part number M162737. The rounded end allows some misalignment with the screw as the platform is adjusted.


42-inch (42-inch) Edge ™ Xtra cutting platform performs a clean cut

42-inch mower deck

The 107-cm (42-inch) Xtra Edge platform provides the excellent performance of a 42-inch large two-axis cutting deck:

Rugged four-point mounting system
Wide anti-sway wheels
Cutting height increases of 6.4 mm (0.25 in.)
Integrated platform leveling system
Replaces the C designation and is used in Select ™ series tractors
The resistance of the platform increases due to its superior discharge design. A section of material below the discharge mouth joins the two parts of the platform.


When using a rear dustpan, the material rises to the top of the material platform and is collected efficiently and without risk of jamming. For this reason, the Power Flow ™ system is not offered on the 107-cm (42-inch) platform.

The shredding attachment for the 107-inch (42-inch) cutting deck provides excellent performance:

Effectively controls the grass debris of the two blades
Improved grinding
More homogeneous distribution of crushed waste
No rust, thanks to molded plastic parts
Can be installed and removed without tools
Includes special blades for crushing
It can also be used for side discharge, although the cut quality may be slightly affected

The reliable reinforced frame is made of welded steel

The frame is made of welded steel, formed and reinforced in key areas to further increase the strength.

The frame is made of a thick 11-gauge, 3-mm (0.12-in.) Material for durability.
The standard front bumper and the hitch plate are made of 9-gauge 3.8-mm (0.15-in.) Steel, complete the frame assembly
The rear hitch plate can support two 19-kg (42-lb) Quik-Tach counterweights.
The counterweight support is integrated into the frame of the models with two-wheel steering.
Models with four-wheel steering require an optional counterweight support.

A modern and functional design improves the appearance and performance

The softness and roundness of its contours give it a modern and elegant look:

The hood design includes efficient large side air intakes, rather than at the top.
Cooler engine operation
Reduced sound level on the control platform
Hot air is expelled through the front grill, away from the operator.
The material of the molded color box is very durable.
High impact resistance
Resists wear due to inclement weather
It does not dent or oxidize
The elegant grid and the wide one-piece fenders complete the design package.


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