john deere x380 models with 54 deck

Simplicity and ergonomics

The X380 garden tractor is easy to use thanks to the twin pedals that allow you to easily control the direction of travel and the speed of travel.


Modern lines, combined with functional design, enhance appearance and performance


The rounded and smooth lines give a modern and elegant appearance:

The hood is provided on each side, over the entire length, and not on its upper part, baffles for better ventilation of the engine and a reduction of the sound pressure level of the driving position.
Cold engine operation
Reduced noise levels for the driver
Hot air is exhausted through the front grille, away from the operator.
The Xenoy® material of the hood, dyed in the mass, offers exceptional durability.
Excellent shock resistance
Conceals scratches
Do not rust or warp
The exclusive grille and one-piece wing frame complete the look of the mower.
Xenoy is a US registered trademark of SABIC Innovative Plastics.


Air-cooled V-motor is very reliable and works smoothly



13.8 kW V-twin engine (at 3350 rpm)
The tractor is equipped with an iTorque ™ engine and an exclusive hood that offers consistent cooling power and durability.


A 13.8 kW (3350 rpm) V-twin engine delivers enough power and torque to cope with the toughest mowing, mulching and pickup conditions.

The main features of this engine include:

13.8 kW at 3350 rpm
Displacement of 726 cm3 (44.3 in)
V-cooled, air-cooled engine provides smooth, quiet operation
High-quality features include:
Cast iron cylinder liners
Valves in the head
Pressure lubrication
Replaceable oil filter
Dual stage air filter
V engine:
High power and efficiency
Easy starts
Smooth operation
The flywheel-integrated alternator offers sufficient capacity to quickly recharge the battery and electrical equipment such as headlights or a sprayer:

15 amp alternator
Control system to keep the battery fully charged without the risk of overcharging


Management requires a little effort thanks to a sprocket system.


Turning circle tight
The geared steering system specifically designed for heavy vehicles is equipped with quality bearings and allows a precise and simple driving of the tractor throughout its life:

The reduced turning radius of 41 cm (16 inches) provides excellent maneuverability.
The tight turning radius increases mowing efficiency.
The ease of management is an important factor for the operator to enjoy a pleasant mowing experience:

Wider wheel, 36 cm (14 in.) In diameter, offers good leverage for cornering
The wide-toothed sector improves (increases) the sensitivity of the direction
Increased steering sensitivity facilitates steering wheel operation
Dual control bars help equalize steering loads and reduce steering effort
The ball joints at both ends of the tie rods increase the service life
Long steering control bars improve the mechanical benefits of the steering system throughout the movements
Pivots on the toothed sector on a shaft and not on a ring to ensure good quality of the meshing and reduce the risk of seizing
Front steering knuckles are greasable to increase their service life