john deere x394 mower deck features

122-cm (48-inch) Edge ™ Xtra cutting platform performs a clean cut

The 122-cm (48-inch) Edge Xtra cutting platform uses the most advanced three-spindle technology for exceptional performance:

The Edge Xtra cutting system includes cutting platforms with rugged four-point anchoring systems, wider anti-calcine wheels, 6.4-mm (0.25-inch) cutting height increments, and an integrated leveling system.

Replaces the C designation and is used in Select ™ series tractors
The 3 mm (0.12 in.) Platform stamped sheet is designed to process large volumes of material.

Provides exceptional cutting quality and uniform discharge, even in difficult cutting conditions

The clean design of the lower part of the platform contributes to obtaining a complete and homogeneous discharge of the cuts.

The cutting deck blades overlap 40 mm (1.6 in.) To reduce the risk of the band formed between the blades.

Wheel height adjusting pin of the spring-loaded cutting unit


The spring-loaded mower wheel height adjustment pins are practical for quickly changing the cutting height.

Grinding accessory

The 122-cm (48-inch) Edge Xtra platform shredder offers excellent performance:

The crusher accessory controls the cuttings of the three blades.
Crushing of better quality and more uniform distribution of the trimmed remains.

*The molded plastic part does not rust.

*The shredding attachment is fixed with manual wing nuts that facilitate installation.
*Includes specific blades for crushing.
*It can also be used for cutting with side discharge or with Power *Flow ™ material collection systems, although the cutting quality can be slightly reduced
*The blower has hinges to facilitate installation.
*The blower can be rotated outwards for easy cleaning.
*The fan of the blower turns to the right (seen from the right side) to effectively drive the material down the ramp.
*The blower fan is 9.5 cm (3.75 in.) Wide for superior capacity and performance.
*The high-performance Power Flow blower on the 48C platform works perfectly, both with the standard cutting blade blades and the shredding blades.

If you want to know more about the x394 you can watch the video.

High-performance Power Flow blower

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