Kubota Lawn Mowers

The Kubota Corporation is a manufacturer of tractors and heavy equipment that is based in Osaka, Japan. It was founded in 1890 and has come to produce many products such as engines, construction equipments, pipes, valves, pumps, cast metals, air conditioning systems, including tractors and agricultural equipments. Kubota is the first manufacturer of agricultural machinery in Japan that has received the prestigious Denning Award for excellence in manufacturing.

Kubota’s T and GR lawn mower series are for residential purposes. They offer engines of up to 24 horsepower to handle even the largest estates. They are equipped with Kubota’s revolutionary Glide Steer System which allows the inside wheel to track freely, enabling the lawn mowers wheels to turn up to 70 degrees while preventing turf damage. This allows sharp turns and excellent maneuverability. Kubota’s T and GR lawn mower series are also equipped with all-wheel drive, cruise control, and a high-back suspension seat. For increased versatility, other Kubota accessories allow you to convert your lawn mower into a snow blower, grass catcher, or tiller.

Kubota’s Z-series are zero-turn riding mowers that offer 18 to 28 horsepower and are designed with both maneuverability and durability. Water-cooled diesel engines offer up to 28 horsepower and feature s a twin hydrostatic transmission which offers superior power, durability, and low-maintenance. Kubota’s Z-series mowers are equipped with seats that provide excellent support, armrests, and cup holders. This provides comfort and convenience which can increase in productivity.

Kubota’s new F-series offers a maximum power output of up to 36 horsepower. They are front-mounted mowers that have four-wheel drive traction, fabricated mower deck, single-pedal transmission as well as a hydraulic deck lift that provides maximum power and productivity. The Z-series also offers a deluxe suspension seat and a large operator platform which can provide an all-day comfort.